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EXEL 53 750ml - PU FOAM

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EXEL 53 is Multi-Purpose is one component and good performance Polyurethane Foam. It is fitted with with a plastic adaptor head for use with a foam application gun or straw.

The Foam will expand and cure by moisture in the air, it is used for a wide range of building applications.

Good for Filling and Sealing with excellent mounting capacities, high thermal and accoustical insulation.

Product Features:

  • Good adhesion to a wide variety of surfaces such as uPVC, Masonary, Brick, Block Work, Glass, Steel, Aluminum, Timber and Other Substrates (Except PP, PE and Teflon)
  • Good Filling Capacities
  • Application Temprature is between +5C to +35C
  • Optimal Application Temprature between +5C to +35C 
  • CFC-FREE - Enviromentally Friendly

Usage Instructions:

  1. Shake the Aerosol Can for atleast 45 Seconds
  2. Clean and moisten surfaces with a water sprayer prior to application.
  3. Fit the Gun or Straw on the Adaptor, Firmly Screw the Can on the adaptor. Firmly screw the can on the adaptor and turn the flow adjustment screw.
  4. Fill the holes and cavities approximately 50% as the foam will expand, bottom up during application.
  5. Foam will be tack-free in about 10mins.
  6. Excess can be trimmed in about 20mins.